My Approach

I look to create an environment which enables the client to feel comfortable enough to explore their issues openly. I see therapy as teamwork, where my role is to listen, guide and comment on what the client brings to help open up new possibilities or ways of seeing things.  The interactions between myself and the client are also explored to help build awareness of certain patterns of behaviour or actions. As my approach is client based, the client can decide on the length of time they wish to continue therapy and the type of issues that they want to discuss.

Helena Belgrave - Counselling Psychotherapist

Dr Helena Belgrave
Counselling Psychologist (CPsychol, HCPC registered)
07580 662 917

My theoretical background
My theoretical background is predominantly existential, where the focus is on clients finding ways to make their lives work better for them. By looking at the bigger picture in this way it is hoped that they will gain a better understanding of who they are as well as gain more meaning in their lives. Living more in the present and becoming aware of their anxieties, choices and responsibilities are key to this process. Often clients want to do more with their lives in order to live in a more authentic way. Others wish to look at patterns of behaviour which are not benefiting them. In both cases, an existential approach can be beneficial.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of the client’s situation, their past history, often going back to childhood, is also explored. This is more in line with a psychoanalytic approach, which I have also had training in. My experience has also been enhanced through training in the person centred approach, which sees the client as an equal who should be treated with respect. Trying to shift beliefs and thoughts that are not allowing the client to develop are also explored, utilising my training in CBT. It is possible then to integrate the existential approach with others, which I have successfully done in my practice.