Mother of two, Mid Thirties

“I will be forever grateful for Helena’s support, expertise and preofessionalism in helping me find the strength to have another baby. Having suffered PTSD after a traumatic fist birth experience I never thought I would recover mentally and face childbirth  and being a mother again. Helena’s sessions with me enabled me to find my strength, positivity and confidence and above all feel myself again. Without her support I would never have experienced the joy of holding my newborn and being a mother again.  Her calm, understanding manner and her structured sessions in which we explored various coping strategies provided me with all the tools to climb the biggest and hardest mountain of my life journey so far and fulfill my dreams of completing my family. I cannot recommend Helena’s services  highly enough – how do you thank someone who changed your life for the better? Thank you so much.”

Female, Early Thirties

“I saw Helena last year over a period of twelve weeks to help me cope with a sudden and traumatic bereavement. I had always been fairly sceptical about therapy but realised I really needed to talk to someone professionally about what had happened.   It wasn’t easy; Helena’s approach is for the client to decide what to discuss each week which can be daunting when you’re new to therapy. It took at least four weeks for me to begin to open up, but due to her patience, guidance and investment, I have found the whole process enormously beneficial.  It has helped me develop useful coping strategies and possibilities for seeing things in a more open way that has undoubtedly helped me, and hopefully those close to me. I like that she feels able to comment on the issues I want to discuss, and the way she encourages a frank discussion of the process of the therapy and the exchanges between us. Crucially, I have never felt the slightest pressure to continue our sessions indefinitely, and she was encouraging when I felt our sessions had come to a natural end. I would/will definitely see Helena again in the future if I feel I need to explore any issues further.”